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On behalf of the Noble County Sheriff's Office, Noblecountysheriffsoffice.org. We hope your online visit will be a useful tool that will help increase your awareness and safety. On our website some of the things you will find include any snow emergency levels that are issued, jail information and crime prevention tips. We will also make special announcements as they are needed.

As your sheriff I am committed to protecting the people of Noble County and their property, making this a safe community to live, work and play. Since I took office in May, we have been working to maintain a diligent 24-hour presence in an effort to deter crime before it happens - but to do this - we need the public's help and support. YOU the public are our eyes and ears. If you see or hear anything suspicious - don't hesitate to call.
Sheriff Stephen S. Hannum

The Noble County Sheriff's Office is very complex. We serve all papers for the courts, serve warrants, investigate crimes, accidents, provide traffic control and school bus security to keep our children safe.

The sheriff's office is responsible for patroling an area of 404 square miles which includes more than 900 miles of interstate, state, county and township roads. We have 14,058 people living in Noble County at all times plus several summer or recreational residences.

The sheriff's office and jail opened at its current location in 1998. The new facility is built with the future in mind. It is the people of Noble County who made this building possible and the public can be very proud to have such a sheriff's office and jail that also contains court room facilities for Noble County Court.

As your sheriff, my goal is to enforce the law and maintain order without forgetting that as law enforcement officers we provide a service to everyone in the community.

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(If You Contact Us - Your Name Is Kept Confidential)

Concealed Carry Hours: Tue-Wed 9a-2p Thur 10a-3p

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BCI $30.00 FBI $30.00 Check or Money Order Only: No Cash

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"We Are Here To Protect You! - The Public."
- Sheriff Stephen Hannum -

Phone: (740) 732-5631
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