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At the Noble County Sheriff's Office we take all crimes against our citizens as a very serious matter. This includes everything from crimes of violence, burglaries, and vandalism, to identity theft and scam artists. "If you see or hear anything suspicious - "REPORT IT" when it happens. Nobody knows what goes on in your neighborhood more than you - the citizen.

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We are currently enhancing our efforts to fight identity theft by joining forces with the Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification (BCII) to help victims as they recover from the crime.

At the Noble County Sheriff's Office, identity theft victims have an accessible place and easier means of reporting the crime. Victims will be issued an Ohio Identity Theft Passport that includes their photograph. This will allow victims to become part of a data base that will assist them in acquiring replacement documents lost when your identity theft is stolen, such as a new driver's license.

In addition to upgrading services to combat identity theft, the sheriff's office is also upgrading its sex offender reporting system, which allows law enforcement to maintain information on the location of sex offenders residing in the county.

Sheriff Hannum says he and his staff are rigorously enforcing Ohio's sex offender registration law and through coordinated efforts with the Noble County Prosecuting Attorney's Office, backed by the Ohio Revised Code, sex offenders are now required to pay a fee to register.

Locate Sex Offenders

Questions and Answers about Elder Abuse:

What is Elder Abuse?

Elder abuse can occur when someone inflicts hardship on an elderly person. It is important to remember that more than one type of abuse can occur at the same time. Elder abuse includes but is not necessarily limited to the following:

Who is a victim?

A victim is usually dependent on the abuser for care, or trusts the abuser to help with managing his or her affairs. Victims are often too physically or mentally impaired to report the abuse themselves, or are fearful that exposing their abuser will lead to further abuse.

Who is the abuser?

The abuser usually holds a position of trust with the elderly person. Unfortunately, the abuser is very often an adult child or grandchild or other adult relative. Often the abuser is an employed caregiver or a friend or neighbor who has gained the victim's trust.

The senior citizen population is the fastest growing population in the country. Surveys show that persons over age 65 are victims of crime far less frequently than younger people. But many senior citizens are so afraid of crime that they shut themselves up in their homes and rarely go out. Isolating ourselves behind locked doors only makes it easier for criminals to work in the neighborhood. You can reduce opportunities for criminals to strike by being alert and careful, and by following these tips.

Stop-A-Crime Email-Hotline:

This E-Mail is not monitored 24 hrs a day. If you have an emergancey please call 911
(If You Contact Us - Your Name Is Kept Confidential)

"We Are Here To Protect You - The Public!"
Sheriff Stephen Hannum

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